121-year-old historic hospital to be renovated

The 121-year-old historical hospital building in the northern province of Samsun, which has been idle for a while, will be restored to serve as a family and life center.

The city will experience a new transformation with the renovation of the 121-year-old former psychiatric hospital building in İlkadım district and the new family and life center to be built by the municipality.

In 1902, six years after it was built, the historical facility was named Canik Gureba, until it was renamed as Samsun Millet Hospital in 1924. The facility was then taken over by the Health Ministry in 1954 and served under the name of Samsun State Hospital.

When the hospital was relocated in 1970, the facility started to serve under the name of the Black Sea Psychiatric Hospital after a short period of inactivity.

The historical facility was severely damaged in a fire in 2007 and remained idle afterwards.

A protocol was signed between the Health Ministry and Samsun Municipality for the building. The restoration works have started within the scope of the project whose tender processes have been completed.

During the restoration, a women's center, a children and youth center, a sports complex, meeting and exhibition halls, music and art workshops, classrooms, a library, a guesthouse and promenade areas will be built in the facility.

Samsun Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that they will build a center that all citizens from all age groups can enjoy.

"Various units that will attract citizens from all demographic groups will be located here. I suppose there is no other example of this concept in the country. It is a project that will appeal to all neighborhoods in the İlkadım district. There will also be pre-school education services and other...

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