65 neutralized in June ops: Interior Minister

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced that a total of 65 terrorists were "neutralized" during operations conducted in June.

The minister expressed in a recent social media post his gratitude to the gendarmerie and security forces "who tirelessly combat terrorism to protect the nation and its flag," affirming that the fight against terror would persist until its eradication.

A comprehensive crackdown on the "separatist terrorist organization" was carried out in 13,138 rural and urban areas last month, with 43 of these operations taking place in large and medium-sized regions, Yerlikaya wrote, referring to the outlawed PKK. These extensive operations resulted in the detention of 418 individuals, while 112 were arrested for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities, he said.

Turkish military and officials use the term "neutralize" to imply the terrorists in question surrendered, were killed, or captured.

Meanwhile, another statement issued by the ministry further revealed that as a direct outcome of the operations conducted within the fight against terrorism, 16 attacks were successfully thwarted in June.

Moreover, security forces identified and rendered 38 bunkers and shelters unusable, dealing a significant blow to the infrastructure of these organizations, read the statement.

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