Official arrested on 14 counts of accepting bribes

A regional government official who charged up to 3,500 euros in bribes to issue machine operator licenses is facing criminal of corruption, embezzlement and illegal possession of weapons following his arrest by police on Monday.

In a subsequent search of his home and car, police recovered €18,810 and $1,500 in cash, a pistol, 80 cartridges and 13 files and official stamps incriminating the official in bribery.

Police began investigating the official on foot of a complaint that he was accepting bribes to speed up the issue of machine operator licenses or to grant them to tradesmen who failed the examinations to obtain one or did not meet the application criteria.

Investigators believe they can pin 14 counts of bribery on the official.

Police also arrested two members of the public in relation to the case on suspicion of having bribed the official and of...

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