Greek FM urges Gaza ceasefire in press conference with Palestinian counterpart

[InTime News]

Greek Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis met with his Palestinian counterpart Riyad al-Maliki in Athens on Thursday, calling for "an immediate and lasting cessation of hostilities" in Gaza.

During a joint press conference, Gerapetritis noted that "Greece is deeply concerned over the escalation of tensions in Gaza and its spread to the West Bank, South Lebanon, Syria and the Red Sea. And, of course, we are concerned about a possible spread of the attacks to the region of Rafah."

Gerapetritis emphasized that Greece's position has remained consistent throughout the crisis, concluding, "Our country will continue to actively support every initiative that promotes a just and sustainable solution."

Al-Maliki, on his part, expressed gratitude toward the Greek minister's stance throughout the 132-day crisis, emphasizing the need for international cooperation to...

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