European Leaders Issue Urgent Plea to Israel Amid Escalations in Rafah

As tensions escalate in Rafah, European leaders have issued an urgent plea to Israel, urging the nation to refrain from launching a ground operation due to the dire humanitarian consequences for refugees in Gaza and the volatile international situation in the region.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen underscored the consensus among European leaders on the imperative of an immediate ceasefire, the release of hostages, and the provision of urgent humanitarian aid. Speaking late Thursday, von der Leyen emphasized the critical nature of the situation, warning that Gaza teeters on the brink of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

"Gaza is on the brink of starvation, of a catastrophic humanitarian situation," von der Leyen stated, emphasizing the urgent need for Israel to allow 500 aid trucks to enter Gaza daily to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

However, von der Leyen lamented that the current volume of aid reaching Gaza via land, air, and sea falls significantly short of the required amount, exacerbating the already precarious situation on the ground.

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