Seven months after Daniel, only mud remains in Vlochos

In many areas the waters have still not been absorbed by the soil. Any rain turns the puddles into small lakes. [Aris Kamarotos]

A series of beautiful, simple houses with roofs that look like those we see in children's drawings. Open spaces, sun, signs of the coming spring in most fields - some of which still look like small stagnant lakes. Nothing is missing from the landscape except the human presence.

Seven months after Storm Daniel hit the village of Vlochos in central Greece, we found ourselves looking at something that resembles a movie set. Everything has remained where it was left after being swept away by the flood. The waters have receded but the local residents are missing. You can walk in and out of their homes without anyone asking you what you want; you can look at the family photos hanging on the damp walls; imagine the family that last summer was watching TV on the rickety set left in the center of what was probably the living room; you can leaf through the muddy archives of the...

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