Crime rates drop in Istanbul in first 4 months

Istanbul Governor Davut Gül has announced a significant decrease in crime rates for the first four months of 2024, alongside a series of successful operations against terrorism, organized crime and financial offenses.

Crimes against individuals dropped by 10 percent compared to the same period last year, with a clearance rate of 98 percent. Crimes against property also saw a sharp decline of 21 percent.

In a major crackdown on terrorism, authorities arrested 1,256 individuals in 576 operations. Of those arrested, 300 were remanded in custody, while judicial control measures were imposed on 329 others.

Gül highlighted the dismantling of 24 organized crime groups, including five national, four regional and 15 local organizations. These operations resulted in the arrest of 488 suspects, with judicial control measures applied to an additional 242. A large cache of weapons was also seized, including 171 firearms, nine of which were long-barreled weapons.

Law enforcement officials arrested 667 individuals in 184 operations targeting financial crimes. Over 200 arrests were made in connection with fraud, preventing an estimated 51 million Turkish Liras in financial losses. Additionally, 37 suspects were apprehended in operations against loan sharking.

Pointing out that Istanbul, with more than 5.5 million registered vehicles, is a city that experiences traffic at all hours of the day, Gül emphasized that the municipality works day and night, taking measures to ensure smooth and safe traffic.

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