PM pledges new support for families after the European elections

[Intime News]

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday announced that the government is planning a series of measures to support families after the European Parliament elections, as well as action to lower the high cost of housing as part of a drive to tackle declining birthrates. 

Speaking at the "Demographic 2024 - A National Priority" Summit at the Acropolis Museum, he said that government policy aims to provide all parents with access to nurseries and day-care, whether in the public or private sectors, while highlighting the importance of all-day schools.

"Getting results with the demographic problem requires patience and a lot of time. There are no magical solutions," he said, adding that the readjustment of all government policies to support young families was a top priority for the government.

Mitsotakis pointed to the recently increased childbirth benefit of 2...

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