Yerlikaya defends X sharing of law enforcement ops

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has defended the continuous dissemination of law enforcement operations on his X account, rebuffing criticisms from ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies.

Yerlikaya initiated informative sessions with parliamentarians last week, aiming to apprise them of ongoing operations within their respective regions.

During the session focusing on the eastern region, Yerlikaya refrained from fielding questions from attending MPs, sparking discontent among the legislators, as reported by daily Hürriyet.

Following the MPs' expression of dissatisfaction, Yerlikaya later engaged in a separate meeting, addressing their inquiries regarding pertinent issues on the agenda.

The crux of the MPs' critique centered on the perceived overexposure of law enforcement activities on social media platforms, with AKP deputy leader Mustafa Şen cautioning against the potential adverse implications, the daily wrote.

"We wake up every day with your operation tweets. This situation creates the perception in people's minds that Türkiye has turned into a mafia state," Şen reportedly said during the meeting. "It is good to communicate these issues, but there is an overdose here."

In response to the concerns raised, Yerlikaya underscored the informational intent behind the online disclosures, emphasizing their role in showcasing the government's commitment to combating crime.

"We are doing these not to put on a show, but to show the struggle," the minister said. "At the end of the day, it also acts as a deterrent. We want to instill the fear that anyone who comes from abroad to commit a crime will be caught immediately."

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