Vucic: Past several days were not easy for our relations with Germany

CACAK - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday the past several days had not been easy for Serbia-Germany relations but that he agreed that problems needed to be resolved through sincere dialogue, and noted that Germany was Serbia's number one economic partner.

Vucic was speaking at a cornerstone-laying ceremony for a factory to be built by Germany's PWO Group in Cacak, central Serbia.

"It is clear there have been things in the political sphere that have been separating us, it is clear that not everything in that segment will be easy in the future either, but thank you and I completely agree with you that we can and must solve problems through dialogue, sincere dialogue," Vucic told German Ambassador to Serbia Anke Konrad, who also addressed the ceremony.

Vucic noted that Serbia maintained "nearly perfect" economic cooperation with Germany as...

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