News archive of September 2016

NATO, Iraq seek long-term partnership upon Baghdad's demand

Only half-an-hour drive away from the city center of Amman, Jordan, a state-of-the-art center of excellence meets you in a secluded location on a vast terrain surrounded by high hills, specially equipped for the training of Special Forces and military units, particularly from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. 

CHP vows to 'stop counter-coup' in Turkish parliament

On the eve of the opening of the Turkish parliament's new legislative year, social democratic main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said on Sept.

Why I don't have a photo with Shimon Peres

I first met the late Shimon Peres more than 12 years ago. Israeli disengagements on Gaza were just a theoretical construct under discussion then. I was there to find a way to privatize the peace process. 

Parliament opens with coup attempt on agenda

The new legislative year of the Turkish parliament is set to kick off on Oct. 1, as debate on decree laws issued under the state of emergency are expected to dominate the agenda. 
The Turkish parliament, which has been on summer recess since Aug. 20, will convene at 3 p.m. under the leadership of Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman.      

Istanbul rapidly declining in indices

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek said they considered Moody's rating cut important: "We take the rating cut seriously. We will make an effort to increase our rating in the medium and long term."  

Lacking the wisdom of indigenous Americans

Chief Seattle wrote a letter to the White House when the land of his ancestors was asked to be sold to the "white man" in 1854. This is how he explained what nature and animals meant for indigenous Americans: 

"There is no quiet place in the white man's cities. No place to hear the unfurling of leaves in spring or the rustle of an insect's wings….

No more Yozgat Blues?

If you really want to know Turkey well, you should know something about Yozgat, the Central Anatolian town just east of Ankara. 

The miracle

It was drizzling as he walked the streets of the beautiful Mediterranean town of Toroslar in Mersin province. His mind was on the new olive tree seedlings he had very recently planted in his garden. He was going home...

Italian Trade Agency head praises Turkish economy

Despite the loss of confidence among some Italian companies due to political turmoil in the country, Turkey remains an attractive market for Italy, according to the head of the Italian Trade Agency. The fundamentals of the Turkish economy are good, says Piergiorgio Borgorelli, adding they will continue their promotional investment despite Moody's recent downgrade.

Henna Night revised: When tradition meets consumerism

The bride-to-be sits in the middle, wearing a red Ottoman kaftan. Her friends dance around her with slow and graceful movements, carrying candles and singing together an old, traditional song about a bride's fear before she leaves her village.