News archive of December 2022

Vučić sent a New Year's greeting: I wish you... VIDEO

In the description of the video greeting, the President told the citizens of Serbia that he wishes them good health, that we progress economically even faster, that wages and pensions grow even faster, that we preserve peace, that we love our Serbia, that we build the country and that we work, and most of all, believe in ourselves.

President Erdoğan issues new year message

"I wish every member of our nation as well as the whole humanity a year full of peace, serenity, health and welfare in 2023," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in his new year message on Dec. 31. 

New Slovenian donations to Ukraine

Slovenia has been a major donor to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion and has recently donated ambulances and power equipment as part of a deliberate shift from military to non-military aid.

Banking sector profits rise 417 percent

The combined net income of Turkish banks stood at 389.2 billion Turkish Liras in January-November, rising by 417 percent from the same period of last year, data from the banking sector regulator (BDDK) have shown.

In the first 11 months of last year, lenders posted a total profit of 75.3 billion liras.

First payment on Digital Turkish Liras Network executed

Within the scope of the first-phase studies of the Digital Turkish Lira Project, the first payment transactions on the Digital Turkish Lira Network have been successfully executed, the Central Bank said.

The bank said in a statement that it will continue to run the limited, closed-circuit pilot tests with technology stakeholders in the first quarter of 2023.

Some 40 ISIL members detained in Ankara, Bursa

Some 40 ISIL members have been detained in the operations against the terrorist organization carried out in the capital Ankara and the northwestern province of Bursa.

Electricity prices for SMEs capped

After capping electricity and gas prices for the benefit of households, protected consumers and public institutions, the government has now imposed a price cap on electricity supplied to micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Under a regulation adopted by the government on 30 December, the cap will be in force for six months starting from 1 January.

Downbeat year for Slovenian stocks

The SBI TOP benchmark index on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange lost nearly 16% in 2022, after having risen by almost 40% the year before, show figures released by the stock exchange operator Ljubljanska Borza.

All the big-cap stocks were down with drug maker Krka losing nearly a fifth of its value in a year, NLB bank down by 18%, and energy group Petrol losing 21%.