#AGERPRES130 Mihai Covaliu: Further expect you by our side, by Romanian athletes' performances

The President of the Romanian Olympic and Sporting Committee (COSR), Mihai Covaliu, declared on the occasion of the 130th anniversary since the establishment of AGERPRES that he further expects the National News Agency to be there for the performances of the Romanian athletes at major international competitions.

Katrougalos visits China

Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos shakes hands with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing Monday. "There is a significant alignment of interests, precisely because we too endeavor that our country becomes a bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa," Katrougalos said in a statement. [Reuters]

China shuts down its consulate in İzmir amid Uighur row

Chinese Embassy to Turkey has announced that the country's general-consulate in Izmir was closed as of Feb. 28 due to general arrangements with regard to consular activities. The move comes amid an ongoing row between Ankara and Beijing over the Uighur problem in which the former has harshly criticized Chinese government of assimilating the Muslim Turkic minority.

Turkey to continue cooperation with China despite Uighur row: FM

Turkey's determination in cooperating with China as part of the latter's "One Belt One Road Initiative" has not changed despite an ongoing spat over the treatment of Uighur Turks, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said, reiterating Ankara's call for Beijing to "separate terrorists from innocent civilians."