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Istanbul 3rd worst city in world for road rage: Research

Istanbul has been ranked as third worst city in the world for road rage, according to research carried out by German automobile company kfzteile2. 

The study also put Istanbul in the worst 10 cities for traffic congestion.

Dusseldorf ranked first in terms of low levels of traffic, good public transport and high road quality, while India's Kolkata ranked last. 

Thessaloniki a top pick for visitors (data)

For a sixth year in a row, the Association of Thessaloniki Hoteliers collaborated with CBR Consulting to present the profile of the traveler that picks the city as their holiday destination. The results revealed that the average visitor to Thessaloniki would like to return, while their expectations are generally exceeded compared to what they believed to find before coming.

More than 500,000 Turkish citizens abroad vote for referendum

More than 500,000 Turkish citizens living abroad have gone to the polls in the first week of voting in Turkey's constitutional referendum. 

Nearly 322,554 Turkish citizens casted their votes at 13 consulates and polling stations across Germany, according to figures compiled by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).        

Man Arrested after injuring 7 People in Düsseldorf axe attack

A man was arrested after injuring seven people with an axe at Düsseldorf's main train station on Thursday night, police have said.

In a statement, they described the man as a 36-year-old from former Yugoslavia who apparently had mental health problems.

Police said three of the victims were seriously injured, with the others suffering minor injuries.