Serbia not included in EU's tax haven blacklist

These countries promised to meet international and European standards to block tax evasion until 2019.

In a set of measures passed by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council, made up of the economy and finance ministers of all EU states, it's made clear that Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have accepted the European Commission's request.

Serbia and Kyrgyzstan scrap visas for all passports

Dacic told a joint news conference after the signing of the agreement that Kyrgyzstan is a great friend of Serbia, and that, in line with this, cooperation between the two countries needs to develop further.

Dacic also announced he would travel to the Central Asian country next year, for the June 25 marking of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

One Killed in an Attack on a Television Station in Kabul

One man has died, and about 20 have been injured in the invasion of unknown people against the office of Shamshad Ti in the Afghan capital Kabul, Tolo news television reported.

The attack took place after 10.30 local time when a suicide bomber exploded in front of the entrance, and then three armed attackers stormed the building. Shots were heard at the scene.