Germany Extradites Jailed Yugoslav Spy Chief to Croatia

Josip Perkovic was flown from Germany to Croatia on Thursday on a regular Croatia Airlines flight accompanied by plainclothes policemen, local media reported.

After landing, he was immediately taken to Remetinec prison in Zagreb, where he will be held while it is decided where he will serve the rest of his 30-year sentence.

Croatia Has Filed a Formal Application to Join the European Monetary Mechanism

Croatia has filed a formal application to join the European Monetary Mechanism (ERM-2), an early stage on the road to euro membership, also known as the eurozone "waiting room," Reuters reported, quoted by

This was announced on Monday evening by the eurogroup chairman (eurozone finance ministers), the Portuguese finance minister, Māriu Sentenu, quoted by Reuters.

Architects Urge Delay to ‘Zagreb Manhattan’ Development Project

Members of professional associations from the fields of architecture and urban planning called on Monday for the postponement of the decision on amendments to Zagreb's general urban plan due to a number of procedural errors, non-compliance with democratic procedures and an absence of public discussions about the Zagrebacki Manhattan (Zagreb Manhattan) project.

The EC Appointed Bulgarian as Head of the EC Representation in Croatia

The European Commission has appointed Bulgarian Ognyan Zlatev as Head of the EC Representation in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb, it was reported from Brussels. Zlatev previously worked on the same position in Sofia.

The EC points out that he is a highly-qualified communications expert with nearly 30 years of professional experience.

Legendary Croatian Club Seeks Help Over ‘Criminal Takeover’

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Wednesday said the government was considering an appeal from the famous Zagreb-based football club Dinamo - which had sought his help in dealing with what it called huge pressures from various criminal elements who were planning a "violent takeover".

Croatia Wants to Replace Its Currency, the Kuna, with Euro

Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Marić and Central Bank Governor Boris Vujčić urged Croatia to join the European Central Bank's Unified Supervision Mechanism, which is the first step towards joining the eurozone. According to media in Zagreb, the procedure for replacing the Croatian kuna with the euro could happen after five years, Nova TV reported.

Anti-Abortion Rallies Staged in Croatian Cities

Anti-abortion campaigners joined 'Walk for Life' rallies on Saturday in three of Croatia's cities, Zagreb, Split and Zadar.

Organisers said they wanted to stage a peaceful walk with a goal of "protecting the lives of unborn children - the most vulnerable minority in Croatia and providing support to every pregnant woman".