What led to Thursday’s Cabinet ousters

The resignations of the minister of state, Stavros Papastavrou, and the deputy minister to the prime minister, Yiannis Bratakos, last Thursday has been attributed to their attendance at the "wrong" social event.

The event turned out to be more than just social, as four days later it led to the ouster of two of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' closest associates.

Japan to resume funding to UN Palestinian refugee agency

Japan is preparing to resume funding to the U.N.'s crisis-hit Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA), which coordinates nearly all aid to Gaza, the government said.

Once the sixth-largest contributor to the agency, Japan joined more than a dozen countries in pausing funding after Israel claimed that 12 of UNRWA's 13,000 Gaza employees were involved in the deadly Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

Google, Amazon, Meta and Apple are Meeting in Sofia

Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple are among the tech giants slated to convene in Sofia for a landmark event in 2025. The prestigious Real World Crypto Symposium (RWC), a gathering of over 1,000 representatives from the world's top technological entities, will be hosted by the INSAIT Institute at Sofia University "St.