US and UK Launch Eighth Round of Strikes Against Houthi Targets in Yemen

In a joint effort, the United States and the United Kingdom executed a series of strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, marking the eighth round of attacks within the past 10 days. The latest operation, carried out on Monday, targeted the rebels' infrastructure, hitting eight specific sites. This joint action received support from Canada, the Netherlands, Bahrain, and Australia.

Athens blocking EU-Tirana defense pact

Athens is standing in the way of an EU-Tirana Defense and Security Agreement over the Albanian government's intransigent stance regarding the incarceration of the ethnic Greek mayor of Himare, Fredi Beleri.

The EU is in the process of speeding up the procedures for signing agreements with third countries outside the Union with a view to better defense cooperation.

US Launches New Strikes Against Houthi Targets in Yemen

In response to an anti-ship ballistic missile launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen, the United States executed fresh strikes against Houthi targets, marking the third such action within a week. The strikes, conducted on Tuesday, targeted Houthi-controlled areas following their missile launch into international shipping lanes in the Southern Red Sea.

U.S. Launches Fresh Strikes in Yemen Amidst Houthi Aggression

In a response to a surge in Houthi rebel attacks on commercial vessels, the United States carried out additional strikes in Yemen, targeting a radar site utilized by the rebels. This move came on the heels of a comprehensive assault on nearly 30 Houthi locations just a day prior. The coordinated efforts by the U.S.

Russia Urges UN Security Council Meeting Over US, UK Strikes in Yemen

Russia has called for an urgent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting scheduled for January 12 to address the recent military strikes conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom in Yemen. The move comes after US forces, supported by the UK, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands, targeted Houthi rebels in Yemen.

US And Britain Launched Strikes Against The Houthis In Yemen

The US and Britain have launched air and sea strikes against Houthi military targets in Yemen in response to the group's attacks on ships in the Red Sea. This is a dramatic expansion of the war between Israel and Hamas in the region, Reuters reported.

There are explosions all over the country, witnesses say, adds BTA. President Joe Biden has warned that follow-up action is possible.

International Outcry: Mariya Gabriel and 46 Foreign Ministers Condemn North Korea's Missile Export to Russia

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariya Gabriel, alongside 46 foreign ministers, have collectively denounced the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) export of ballistic missiles to Russia.