Health Economics Expert: Covid-19 Vaccines Should Be Available on Free Market in Bulgaria

"According to information from the Ministry of Health, 1.5 million dozes have been requested of the first two vaccines - Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna - to be supplied by the end of the year, which is enough for about 10 percent of the population in Bulgaria," told BNR Arkadi Sharkov, health economist from the Expert Club for Economics and Politics (EKIP).

INTERVIEW/Senate's Anca Dragu: I want to bring down physical, imaginary walls between Parliament and citizen

Discussions are being held with representatives of the civil society, included, regarding the issue of demolishing the walls around the Parliament Palace, Senate President Anca Dragu told an interview for AGERPRES. According to Anca Dragu, this is a larger 'opening up' project, which goes 'beyond the physicality of the wall's demolition'.

EU goal of full vaccine coverage by end-2021 within reach, says health commissioner

The European Union's target to have secured enough vaccinations against the novel coronavirus to inoculate every citizen in the bloc by the end of 2021 is within reach, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides told Kathimerini in Brussels on Monday.

21st International Turkish Film Festival to begin June 20

The 21st International Turkish Film Festival in Frankfurt, Germany will kick off on June 20.

Submission of productions including short and long movies and documentaries will take place between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15. They will then be forwarded to Turkish and German juries on March 1 and March 15, respectively, for review.

'Leontina Vaduva and the World's Greatest Stages' exhibition at Sutu Palace extended through March 8

"Leontina Vaduva and the World's Greatest Stages" exhibition of works made by artist Florian Doru Crihana on December 2020 anniversary of the beloved soprano will stay open throughout March 8 in the lobby of the Museum of Bucharest, Sutu Palace.