Athens blocking EU-Tirana defense pact

Athens is standing in the way of an EU-Tirana Defense and Security Agreement over the Albanian government's intransigent stance regarding the incarceration of the ethnic Greek mayor of Himare, Fredi Beleri.

The EU is in the process of speeding up the procedures for signing agreements with third countries outside the Union with a view to better defense cooperation.

Over 20 nations call for tripling of nuclear energy

More than 20 countries called for the tripling of world nuclear energy capacity at UN climate talks on Saturday as part of efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

A declaration endorsed by nations ranging from the United States to Ghana to Japan and several European countries said nuclear energy plays a "key role" in reaching the goal of carbon neutrality.

One extraordinary young man: A tale of two narratives

The measure of a person cannot be accurately measured in times of ease when there are no challenges to confront, no mountains to climb. The measure of a person can only be accurately experienced in times of difficulty, sometimes in serious difficulty, and with challenges that are even unimaginable.