Black Death’s ancient origins traced to lake in Central Asia

Scientists in Europe say they have pinpointed the origins of the Black Death, a bacterial plague that wiped out half of the continent's population in the 14th century.

The findings counter other theories that the disease, which caused repeated outbreaks into the early 19th century and also left its mark across the Middle East and North Africa, might have first emerged in China.

No COVID test requirement for entry to Greece, Kyrgyzstan

Greece and Kyrgyzstan have scrapped the requirement for a negative PCR test result upon entry from Turkey, Turkish Airlines announced late on May 2.

The two countries have eased travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the national flag-carrier company said on its social media accounts. 

Russian musician turns to east after war broke out

Russian songs resonate throughout the streets in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir as 24-year-old Ivan Reznichenko plays his guitar to earn his daily bread.

He was paying a visit to a friend in Turkey's southwestern resort town of Bodrum when Russian troops entered into Ukrainian territories on Feb. 24.

Turkic States’ Ombudsman Association ‘to be established’

Under the leadership of Turkey, the Turkic States' Ombudsman Association will be established in March, the chief ombudsman in Turkey has announced.

"All the protocols are ready. We are waiting for an ombudsman in Kyrgyzstan. In March, we will set up the Turkic States' Ombudsman Association," Şeref Malkoç told daily Miiliyet on Feb. 23.

Havana Syndrome: The Perfect Disease for a Post-Truth World

Yet, mysteriously, there was no physical contact. By spring 2017 there were more than 80 alleged cases. Their medical diagnosis was akin to a "concussion without a concussion." Shortly after, more than two dozen personnel and family members attached to the Canadian Embassy in Havana began to report similar symptoms, but no noises. The "Havana Syndrome" was born.