EU has frozen 17 bn euros in Russian assets: official

The European Union has frozen Russian assets worth around 17 billion euros since Moscow invaded Ukraine, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said in an interview.     

The figure has risen from the roughly 13.8 billion euros ($13.75 billion) "from oligarchs and other entities" that Reynders announced in July that the EU had frozen, mainly in five countries.    

Bulgaria is Third in the EU in share of Children at Risk of Poverty

In 2021, in the European Union, residents under the age of 18 who were at risk of poverty or social exclusion represented 24.4 percent of all in this age group. At the same time, this share among the adult population of the Union was 21.1 percent, according to the latest data of the European statistical agency Eurostat.

National Assembly codifies same-sex marriage, adoption

Ljubljana – The National Assembly signed same-sex marriage and adoptions into law by passing changes to the family code by 48 votes in favour and 29 against on Tuesday, capping decades of efforts by LGBT+ groups and activists to end discrimination and be recognised as equal members of society.

Turk sets two Guinness records by traveling worldwide

A Turkish man, who has earlier broken a Guinness record by traveling 13 countries in 24 hours, has set another record by touring around the world in 46 hours with scheduled flights.

Ümit Sabancı, 41, and one of his friends shook the record book with the groundbreaking record of visiting 13 countries in just 24 hours in 2017.