Soviet Union

A sliding of democracy

When the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union dissolved, a new era of democratic expansionism was heralded, as Francis Fukuyama declared the end of history, optimistically assuming human ideological evolution had ended and liberal democracy ultimately triumphed over the authoritarianism of communism and fascism as the final form of human government.

Czech leader defends decision to attend Moscow parade

Czech leader defends decision to attend Moscow parade

PRAGUE -- Milos Zeman will attend Victory Day celebrations in Moscow in order to express "his gratitude for the fact Czechs are not forced to speak German today."

Russia will on May 9 organize a military parade to mark 70 years since World War II victory.

Eight suspects arrested for alleged social security fraud

The Financial Police said on Thursday that they have smashed a racket of fraudsters believed to have swindled 360,000 euros from the Social Security Foundation (IKA) and the OAEE fund for freelancers and the self-employed by issuing forged diagnoses of worksite accidents with the help of doctors.