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Turkish military vessels enter Greek waters

Five Turkish warships taking part in the Beyaz Firtina 2014 naval exercise entered Greek territorial waters in the Aegean Sea on Monday.

In a statement, Greece’s National Defense General Staff (GEETHA) said the Kemal Reis, Meltem, Imbat, Ruzgar and Firtina vessels did not stay within the annual drill’s delineated area and were observed sailing around the Cyclades island complex.

NATO Urges Bulgaria to Upgrade its Military

NATO is urging Bulgaria to modernize its army using Western units and equipment.

The recommendation forms part of its report on the condition of Bulgaria's military, according to Presa Daily, which cites a government source.

Apart from the air force, such a move should also involve the infantry, which relies on Russian arms bought some 30 years ago.

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister: We Need New Fighter Jets

Bulgaria urgently needs to modernize its air force, in the light of the situation in Ukraine, said Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin. 

According to him, the country needs to reorganize its military air force and buy new type of fighter jets, in order to terminate its dependence on Russia for their technical maintenance.