Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Sofia Municipal Council Deadlocked Again in Chairperson Election Stalemate

The Sofia Municipal Council remains ensnared in a deadlock following the third unsuccessful attempt to elect its chairperson on Thursday. Boris Bonev, the candidate of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) and "Spasi Sofia", who previously garnered considerable support but fell short of the required votes, withdrew from the race this time.

Sofia Council Leadership Battle: Bonev Retreats, Three Candidates Remain

The coalition of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) and "Spasi Sofia" decided not to propose a candidate for the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Municipal Council in today's session. Boris Bonev, their initial nominee who was unsuccessful twice, confirmed the coalition's collective choice to abstain from the contest.

Bulgarian Parliament Votes in Support of Denkov Government Amid Chamber Drama

In a contentious session at the Bulgarian Parliament, MPs voted 66-61 in favor of supporting Nikolai Denkov's government. However, moments before the no-confidence motion was put to vote, Members of Parliament from GERB-SDS and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) vacated the chamber.

Bulgarian MPs to Decide Government's Fate in Crucial Vote

In a pivotal session today, members of the Bulgarian parliament are poised to decide the fate of Nikolai Denkov's cabinet. The crucial vote, scheduled for 1:55 pm, comes after a motion of no confidence was tabled by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Vazrazhdane party, and There is Such a People (TISP).

Bulgarian Defense Minister: Aid to Ukraine is Our Strategic Interest!

"Justice will not prevail if Russia remains in possession of even one square kilometer of Ukrainian territory and does not bear responsibility for the destruction caused and the war crimes committed". This is what Defense Minister Todor Tagarev said in the discussions on the motion of no confidence in the government for the defense sector and national security.

Bulgarian Parliament Debates No-Confidence Vote

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has ignited discussions within the Parliament by initiating a vote of no confidence against the government, backed by "Vazrazhdane" and "There Is Such a People" (TISP) parties. The motion's primary contention revolves around the government's purported failure in safeguarding national security and defense.

Bulgarian Opposition Parties Unite for Second No-Confidence Vote Against Government

In a united effort, "Vazrazhdane," the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), "There Is Such A People" (TISP), and independent MP Radostin Vassilev have submitted a second vote of no confidence against the "Denkov-Gabriel" government, citing defense and national security concerns. The opposition alleges that the government has failed to provide stability, peace, and effective border control.