Independent Authority

Rules laid out for taxation of short-term property lets

The Greek state appears to be moving closer to making some money out of the short-term apartment and room rental sector, which has managed to remain under the taxman's radar since it first started to take off in Greece thanks to international online platforms such as Airbnb, Homestay and others.

Fuel flow data finally set to be monitored

The tax administration is starting to process data received from fuel flow monitoring systems installed at gas stations, and to conduct unscheduled inspections when they become aware that businesses' systems have remained inoperative for many hours, the head of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue, Giorgos Pitsilis, said on Friday.

Figures suggest growing number unable to pay taxes

Almost half a million taxpayers were added to the long list of debtors to the state in the month of September, according to the latest data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.

The authority's figures are a reflection of citizens' increasing inability to pay their taxes, with 410,000 not paying their second income tax installment and the ENFIA property tax in September.

Asset declarations deadline likely to be extended

The Greek government and the country's creditors are considering an extension to Tuesday's deadline for voluntary declarations of hidden incomes.

It is likely that they will decide to extend the deadline as many taxpayers have been scrambling to settle mistakes in previous declarations and avoid having to pay the high taxation and fines dictated by law in recent weeks.

Foreclosures at actual property market rates to start in a month

Apartments, plots of land, stores and office buildings belonging to people or businesses with debts to the tax authorities will soon be auctioned at prices below those used for tax purposes ("objective values") as the law dictates foreclosure sales at market rates instead of objective values, as in the case of debts to banks.

Unpaid taxes grow at a rate of over 1 bln euros per month

The shortfall in tax revenues looks unlikely to shrink anytime soon as hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are unable to meet their tax obligations due to overtaxation. Data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue revealed on Thursday that in August alone - even before the start of payments for the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) - unpaid taxes amounted to almost 1 billion euros.