Ministry of Finance

PM Orban: ANAF not being computerized, reason for lowest tax collection rate in EU

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Thursday night for the B1 TV private broadcaster that Romania has the lowest tax and duties collection rate in the European Union, one of the reasons being that the computerization of the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) was not carried out, although all the companies were required to change their cash registers.

China Temporarily Suspends Taxes on Certain US Imports

China has temporarily lifted additional duties on some US goods, which were due to enter into force on December 15, the Chinese State Council's Customs Committee announced. The decision was made after the US and China agreed on a "first phase" of a trade deal on Friday, world agencies have reported.

China Will Modernize its Industry with $ 21 Billion

On Monday, the government announced the creation of a national fund to promote the transformation and modernization of industry. The registered capital is 147.2 billion yuan ($ 21.02 billion), according to a message from CRRC Corporation Ltd., one of the fund's shareholders. It has a total of 20 companies and the Ministry of Finance is the largest shareholder with 15.29%.

PM Orban: PSD has wasted public money, compelling us to carry out measure plan to reduce deficit

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban maintained on Friday that "PSD [the Social Democratic Party] has wasted public money" and has brought Romania "in a situation in which it is unavoidable to exceed the deficit target" that we have as an obligation in the EU Treaty - namely 3 percent of GDP.

PSD's Teodorovici: I am Al Capone, just as Mr Citu is FBI head

The Social Democratic Party (PSD)'s Executive President Eugen Teodorovici on Thursday expressed "deep disappointment and sorrow" over the fact that Minister of Finance Florin Citu "does not know how to read a budget". In his opinion, Florin Citu held "an attempt of press conference, instead of presenting a situation ten days after taking office".

PM Orban on minimum wage increase: Certain degree of urgency, business environment must know in time

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that "there is a certain degree of urgency" regarding the adoption of the decision to increase the minimum wage, specifying that it should be taken by the end of November, the beginning of December, at the latest, so that the business environment knows in time.