Ministry of Finance

Serbia registers 34 bln dinar budget deficit in January-April 2023

BELGRADE - Serbia registered a 34 bln dinar budget deficit between January and April 2023, which is 55.7 bln dinars better than the planned 89.7 bln dinars, the Ministry of Finance has announced.

Revenues totalled 562.4 bln dinars, while expenditures amounted to 596.4 bln dinars.

A 5.4 bln dinar deficit was registered in April, it said in a statement.

Finance Ministry: If there is No New Budget by June 10 - Bulgaria could only Spend as much as it Collects

If after June 10 there is no adopted budget for the year or a new extension of last year's budget, the state will only be able to spend as much as it collects. This becomes clear in the response of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance after a question from the National Radio whether, in the worst case scenario, there will be funds for pensions and salaries in the public sector.

Bulgarian National Bank: The Technical Work on the Adoption of the Euro Continues

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has no formal basis and has not suspended the technical work on the adoption of the euro. It is being carried out on schedule and within the bank's budget for 2023, the press center of the Bulgarian National Bank said regarding political comments that the process of joining the Eurozone should be stopped.