Pentagon Leaks: The Russians Attacked Musk's Satellite Communications in Ukraine with Tobol-1

Russia's drive to sabotage Ukrainian forces' Internet access by targeting Starlink satellite communications provided by billionaire Elon Musk to Kyiv appears to be more advanced than previously known, a classified US intelligence report leaked alongside the affair "Pentagon leaks," writes The Washington Post, which obtained the report.

Pentagon Leaks: US Monitors the UN Secretary-General - Sees Guterres as Favorable to Russia

The US believes that the UN Secretary-General is too willing to accommodate Russian interests. This is evident from new revelations from the leaked secret Pentagon documents. They show that Washington is keeping a close eye on Antonio Guterres. Several documents describe private communications involving Guterres and his deputy, the BBC reports.

Serbia sending weapons to Ukraine? Vucevic reacted

"For the umpteenth time, a lie has been published that Serbia is selling weapons to Ukraine. Someone's goal is obviously to destabilize our country and drag it into a conflict in which we will not participate," the minister said in response to the so-called findings of the British agency Reuters, which published the alleged information.