For the First Quarter of 2019 the US Has Spent $ 19 billion in Afghanistan

The Pentagon has spent billions of dollars since 2001, when US troops entered Afghanistan for what is known as the "war on terror" following the September 11 attacks. The end of US military presence in the country may already be seen if the ongoing negotiations in Doha between the United States and Taliban representatives are successful.

The US Will Build New Barriers Along the Border with Mexico

The Pentagon has approved the construction of an additional 32 km of fences, roads and lighting along the border with Mexico, Politico reports.

Earlier, it was reported that a California court ruled that $ 2.5 million of the Department of Defense's budget could not be used to build a wall, as the administration wanted.

Turkey and Washington still in discussions, but US to take over Turkish F-35 parts

Turkey and the United States are still in discussions despite a decision by Washington last month to remove the country from the F-35 fighter jet program over its decision to accept delivery of an advanced Russian missile defense system, the Pentagon's procurement chief has said according to reports.