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Student molester handed 10-month suspended prison sentence

A 20-year-old university student was handed a 10-month suspended prison sentence after his arraignment Tuesday in a criminal court in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on charges of sexually assaulting an unsuspecting fellow female student while she was studying.
The incident occurred at the Aristotle University library last week.

PM Ludovic Orban: Almost nothing done in 4 years, despite 2014 pledge to host EURO 2020 matches

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said Monday morning, during a visit at the site of the Steaua Stadium, that in 2014 Romania pledged to complete four stadiums to serve as venues for the EURO 2020 matches to be played in Bucharest, but that he now finds that "almost nothing" has been done in four years.

IntMin Vela says no state institutions threatened at street protests of August 10, 2018

Interior Minister Marcel Vela told B1 TV private broadcaster on Thursday that there was no threat to the state institutions at the street protests of August 10, 2018. "No," was the reply of Minister Vela when asked by journalists whether there was any "reasonable, no matter how small" threat to the state institutions from the demonstrators.

A Dutch Court Has Ordered Facebook to Delete Misleading Ads or Be Fined $ 1.2 Million

The social network Facebook should remove misleading ads that caused scandal in the Netherlands, BGNES writes.

Ads that take advantage of the resemblance of ordinary people to some of the most popular people in the Netherlands are advertising fraudulent schemes for Bitcoin cryptocurrency investments.

Bosnian Prosecutor Demands Tougher Punishment for Serb Policeman

The prosecution in Sarajevo on Monday appealed against the verdict sentencing Mico Jurisic, a former member of the Tukovi reservist police force at the police's Public Security Station in Prijedor, to 11 years in prison for crimes against humanity, including involvement in several murders, in the Prijedor area in 1992.

Turkish Court Hands Kosovo Deportees Heavy Jail Sentences

Two Turkish citizens controversially deported from Kosovo to Turkey last year have received heavy jail sentences in their home country.

On Wednesday, the Istanbul serious crimes court imprisoned Osman Karakaya and Cihan Ozkan for seven years and six months each for "participating in an armed terrorist organisation". It acquitted the two men of charges of "international espionage".