Boyko Borissov

Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov and Nikolai Denkov Outline WCC's Role as Constructive Opposition

Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" (WCC), declared in a Facebook video that regardless of the government Boyko Borissov proposes, WCC will remain a clear opposition. Petkov, alongside Nikolai Denkov, emphasized their stance against corruption and their commitment to European values.

Bulgaria: Borissov Proposes Expert Cabinet, Sets Conditions for GERB Dominance

Boyko Borissov announced that GERB will begin negotiations for an expert cabinet and majority starting Monday. He insists that the government will only be formed with the first mandate, dominated by his party, and that the prime minister, foreign minister, and defense minister must be from GERB. Borissov himself will not run for prime minister to facilitate the negotiations.

The Bulgarian Socialists Consider Supporting a Government with GERB Mandate but Without Borissov as PM

Atanas Zafirov, a member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leadership and newly elected MP, revealed to Nova TV that the left-wing party is open to backing a government devoid of political figures, including a hypothetical Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Von der Leyen's Bulgaria Trip: Strengthening Ties with Borissov for 'European Stability'

In Plovdiv, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, emphasized that GERB and the European People's Party will not permit extremists to destroy the values of Europe, as reported by BGNES. She congratulated Bulgarians on Botev's Day, honoring those who died for the country's freedom and independence, and recited some words which the national hero has spoken.

Returning for the 4th Time: GERB Pitches Boyko Borissov as Prime Minister of Bulgaria

For the first time since the potential return of Boyko Borissov as prime minister became a central theme in Bulgaria's election campaign, a GERB representative explicitly stated: "Regular government with Boyko Borissov as prime minister."

Borissov and Fandakova Summoned Over Vitosha Lift Scandal

Boyko Borissov and Yordanka Fandakova have been summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting of the Metropolitan Municipal Council (MMC) on May 23. This session has been called by the "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria-Spasi Sofia" group to address why Sofia currently has no operational lifts to Vitosha.

French President Macron Recommends Varna as a Must-Visit Destination

French President Emmanuel Macron has designated Varna as one of his favored travel destinations, as revealed in his response to a question on Instagram's "Answers of Young People about Europe" column. When prompted with "Which destination do you recommend we visit?", Macron singled out the Bulgarian maritime capital.

Survey Reveals Electoral Trends in Bulgaria: GERB Dominates, WCC-DB Faces Significant Decline

A survey conducted by "Alpha Research" has unveiled significant shifts in Bulgaria's political landscape ahead of the highly anticipated National Assembly elections. The findings shed light on the complex dynamics shaping voter preferences and the evolving fortunes of political parties across the country.

Political Tensions Escalate: Peevski and Petkov Engage in Verbal Sparring Ahead of Elections

In a heated exchange emblematic of Bulgaria's turbulent political climate, Delyan Peevski, co-chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), and Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB), exchanged biting remarks, reflecting deep-seated animosity between their respective parties.