Galab Donev

Bulgaria’s PM: A 10% Reduction in Carbon Emissions is Not Acceptable, We will Ask for Postponement

"The way the parameters are set in the current Recovery and Resilience Plan is not good for us. The previous government had committed to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions. This means closing down specific coal-fired power plants.

Bulgaria’s Acting PM: The End of our Mandate is Approaching

"The second mandate to form a regular government is underway, the end of our mandate is approaching." Acting Prime Minister Galab Donev commented before the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The caretaker prime minister added that when they took office as a caretaker government, they had no idea that in January 2023 their interim mandate would still be in place.

The Construction of a Railway Section between North Macedonia and Bulgaria has been Launched

The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, Galab Donev and Dimitar Kovachevski, launched the construction of the railway line from Kumanovo to Beljakovce in our southwestern neighbor. The line should reach the border with Bulgaria and is part of the trans-European corridor number 8 - a project more than two decades old.

The Bulgarian Government will allocate 20 Million Leva for Heating Subsidies

The Bulgarian government will allocate BGN 20 million for a one-time aid for heating, announced acting Prime Minister Galab Donev. The decision is expected to be taken at the cabinet meeting that has already started, at which a number of legislative texts related to the commitments to receive the second tranche of funds under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan will be voted on.

Bulgaria’s National Security Agency will Check the Route of the Truck blown up on the Crimean Bridge

The State Agency "National Security" (SANS) has started an investigation on the basis of the spread information that the truck that caused an explosion on the Crimean bridge on October 8 passed through the territory of Bulgaria.

The investigation began immediately after the disclosure of the information, by order of Acting Prime Minister Galab Donev.

Bulgaria’s PM Promised: The State will Grant Money to the Victims of the Floods

"The state will allocate funds to help victims of the floods in Karlovo region. There will not be a single person left that was affected who will not be helped", stated acting Prime Minister Galab Donev during a visit to the village of Karavelovo.

President Radev: Bulgaria will Once Again stand in Solidarity with Fraternal Macedonia

"Bulgaria will once again stand in solidarity with fraternal Macedonia". This was stated by President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev during his meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski.

The head of state emphasized that our relations with the RNM have stood on a solid foundation.

Bulgaria will Export Electricity and Help North Macedonia

"We very quickly responded to the appeal for help from the Republic of North Macedonia to solve the challenges facing the country in the energy sector. We discussed specific opportunities for electricity and natural gas transmission - both for the needs of industry and for residential users of RNM".

Bulgaria’s Government will leave the Long-Term Gas Supply Decisions to its Successors

The caretaker government will open tenders for the supply of natural gas in the medium and long term as soon as possible. However, the decision to sign treaties will be left to the next regular government. This was announced by President Rumen Radev at a meeting with representatives of the management of the companies Gastrade and Copelouzos Group.