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Amazon Rainforest Fire: Extensive Toxic Cloud in the Southern Hemisphere

A huge toxic carbon monoxide cloud is floating south of the equator, according to NASA data interpreted by extreme weather portal Severe Weather Europe. The poison has spread mainly over Central South America, but currents extend it all the way to the west coast of Mexico and the southernmost parts of Africa, Nikolay Vasilkovski wrote for NOVA TV.

Twitter and Facebook Accused China of Campaigning against the Protesters in Hong Kong

Twitter and Facebook have blocked accounts and pages used by Chinese authorities to spread disinformation about the Hong Kong protests, NOVA TV reported. Twitter has suspended over 900 accounts "from within the People's Republic of China (PRC)."

Bulgarians with Children Blocked at the Frankfurt Airport

Bulgarians were blocked at the Frankfurt airport for more than 24 hours. According to them, the cause of the incident is the large queues on checkout counters, Dilyan Kalchev from NOVA TV reported.

"The group was made up of about 35 people, including people with small children and people who had surgery recently," said on of the affected people, Daniel Bratanov.

Part of the Wing of a Passenger Plane in New York Fell Off

A Chinese passenger plane forcibly returned to Kennedy Airport in New York after part of its wing broke off, NOVA TV reported.

China Eastern's Boeing 777-300 machine transported 300 people from New York to Shanghai. When taking-off, part of the wing of the plane broke off and fell to the ground.

Scientists: 200 Billion Tonnes of Ice Have Melted in Greenland

Because of record high temperatures in July, glaciers have lost a huge amount of their volume, NOVA TV reported.

Scientists from Denmark's Meteorological Institute  reported that over 10 billion tonnes of ice have melted in Greenland in just one day.

Because of record highs of over 20 degrees in July, glaciers have lost enormous amount of their volume.

What Are the Causes of the Recent Severe Car Accidents?

August has started with a series of heavy traffic accidents. "The Causes are Exclusive Complexes", Nedelcho Rachev, stated in an interview for NOVA TV "The first reason is the  inability of the drivers to observe the road congestion when driving in heavy traffic. Second - inability of some drivers to drive properly.