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Three Police Officers of Bulgarian Origin Were Injured in the US Riots

Three police officers of Bulgarian origin were injured during the riots in the United States. This was announced by the Bulgarian-American Police Association.

"According to unofficial data, we have three injured colleagues who are recovering and have no lasting results from the injuries. As far as I know, each of them is returning to work, "Officer Blagovest Bonev told NOVA TV.

Dimitar Berbatov Started Working for Manchester United - Fake News

"The news that Mitko has started working for Manchester United as a scout is false. Berbatov is not at the club. He is an ambassador, along with several other players of his generation. This does not mean that he is working in Manchester. " This was stated by the manager of the football player Dimitar Berbatov - Emil Danchev, reported quoted by NOVA TV.

BNB: Bank Savings Increase to BGN 53.660 Billion at the End of August

The loans of Bulgarian families are over 23 billion, writes NOVA TV. 

Households hold over BGN 53 billion in banks BNB data show.

According to the same statistics, as of the end of August, loans to Bulgarian families are over BGN 23 billion and BGN 212 million, which is an increase of 8.8 percent compared to a year ago.