Rumen Radev

"Radev is a disgrace!": People booed Bulgaria’s President at the Celebration of Unification in Plovdiv

On the occasion of the 138th anniversary of the Unification of Bulgaria, President Rumen Radev called on Bulgarians to defend national unity so that future generations do not have to lead battles for justice, statehood and dignity, the press center of the head of state reported.

Bulgaria: Initiative Committee is preparing a Referendum on March 3 remaining the National Holiday

In the weeks following President Rumen Radev's call to preserve the Third of March as a national holiday, an Initiative Committee of scientists, public figures, and intellectuals created the "Third of March" Movement for this purpose.

Bulgaria: The Cabinet denies the participation of Alexei Petrov in the "Assembly" as he only provided “Logistics”

Did Alexey Petrov participate in the "assembly" of the cabinet - the comments continue today. Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov repeated again that the former beret had no role in the creation of the current government.

More than 3,500 Folk Performers from Bulgaria and abroad participate in the festival in Nedelino

Over 3,500 folk performers from Bulgaria and abroad are participating in the 22nd National Festival for two-voice singing in Nedelino.

The festival was officially opened last night by President Rumen Radev and will continue until September 3.

The festival promotes the Nedelin double voice, which is considered a unique manifestation of the song tradition in the Rhodopes region.

Bulgaria’s President refused to release the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

President Rumen Radev refuses to issue a decree to dismiss the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petar Todorov, as requested by the government. This became known from a position issued by the press service of the head of state.

Bulgaria: Still No Suspect in the Murder Case of Alexei Petrov

"At the moment, we're not working on a political lead in relation to the murder of Aleksei Petrov". This was announced by Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov at a briefing in the Council of Ministers. However, he indicated that this and other versions are being checked. There are no suspects for the murder so far.

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister announced that the Chief Secretary was Responsible for the Death of Six Officers

"The Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for the lack of organization and control over activities in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is directly related to the death of six employees in the performance of their duties". This was stated by the Minister of the Interior Kalin Stoyanov on the occasion of the requested resignation of Petar Todorov.

Mariya Gabriel: Alexei Petrov's Participation in the Formation of the Government is Non-Existent

Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Mariya Gabriel, responded to yesterday's statements by President Rumen Radev, with which he defined the government as an "assembly conceived with scandalous recordings". He accused the cabinet of trying with every failure to grab more power and control the services.

Bulgaria’s President announced a People’s Movement to keep the Memory of March 3rd

"March 3 is the red line of our patience, the people's movement will not allow March 3 to be erased", said President Rumen Radev in front of the Shipka monument at today's national celebration of the 146th anniversary of the Shipka Epic*.