Vucic: Coronavirus hasn't reached Serbia, it's my pressure relief medications VIDEO

"When we were struck by variola vera, there was not as much fear, panic and lies as there is today for something that has weaker symptoms than the ordinary flu. If there were no tests, one would not even know what these people died of, since it was thought to be from flu or sneezing when it comes to the people with impaired immunity and damaged health", he said.

"We approach the issue of citizens' health highly seriously and responsibly" VIDEO

Vucic also emphasized that the best possible conditions were provided at infectious clinics and all other places in case coronavirus reaches Serbia.
"There are no people affected with coronavirus in Serbia, we do tests unlike some states in the environment. We respect the procedure," Vucic said.

"No one is infected with coronavirus so far, if it is - you'll be duly notified"

"When the first case of infection emerges, you will find out from the authorities," Minister Loncar says, asking citizens to be reasonable and to believe the facts.
"This is the only way we can continue dealing with current health threat without consequences."
He stated that we are fully prepared for anything that can happen and that we have the necessary equipment.

Why Serbia’s Disgruntled Citizens Aren’t Backing the Opposition

The international journalistic organisation Reporters without Borders ranked Serbia in 90th place in 2019 in terms of freedom of the media, 14 places lower than in 2018. According to the EU statistics agency Eurostat, about 51,000 mostly young and educated people leave Serbia every year.

Media: Vucic knows the name of the new EU Special Envoy

One of the topics discussed was the name of the candidate for EU Special Envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina negotiations. "Borrell has informed Vucic who it is, but that information is still kept secret", says a source of "Blic" from diplomatic circles.
President of Serbia and Borrell also discussed the future of dialogue.

"We missed a major chance, we will pay high price for that"

Speaking of demarcation, he says he realized that the Serbs would never accept something that was our chance and that we would regret it dearly.
"I understood the message of the people, it was a great chance for us, but we missed it", Vucic told TV Happy.
He says we will do worse in the future, but no one will be able to blame him.

"A significant and powerful European country requested from Pristina to impose fees"

According to Vucic, the dialogue was moving towards a compromise solution.
"It was done to say that Serbia was going out of dialogue and that any plan for Serbia to gain something would be overthrown", Vucic explained on TV Happy show "Cyrillic" last night.

Vucic hosted lunch to mark Serbian National Day

These photos show President Vucic serving guests a traditional roast pork.
Among the guests was the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Irinej.
Earlier today, Vucic bestowed decorations on the occasion of the national holiday, addressed the ceremony, and met with representatives of Serbs from Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.