"I said we would never recognize Kosovo. He exploded." PHOTO / VIDEO

"It was agreed to continue the dialogue until the end of July," Vucic said after the meeting.
"The Albanian delegation does not want to fulfill what they signed. They call it provocations that Serbs want to attend liturgies… Complete absence of reality", Vucic said in a conversation with the media after the meeting.

Vučić laid a wreath at the monument to the heroes from Košare VIDEO / PHOTO

After laying the wreath, Vui talked to the veterans of the Battle of Koare, who also laid the wreath on the monument, and thanked them for everything they did for the homeland. "If we haven't done anything else, at least today we can talk about those who died and about your role," Vucic shared that fact with the veterans.

Dismissed for supporting Mladic

The reason for that is the support for the general of the former VRS, Ratko Mladic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in The Hague for crimes during the past war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Vukovic posted on his Facebook profile, along with a photo of general Mladic's hat:

Vučić about Rio Tinto: We are ready for the referendum VIDEO

The President of Serbia said that in 2014, he was forced to propose fiscal consolidation and adopt the most difficult measures. He added that they were doing something that no one liked.
"We had to reduce salaries and pensions, to pass a more flexible Labor Law, to go against the will of the people, so that today we can enjoy the fruits of such difficult reforms," Vucic said.

"I believe we will get respect" VIDEO

At a press conference in the Serbian presidency, Vucic said that at yesterday's meeting with senior US State Department official Matthew Palmer and EU special representative for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina Miroslav Lajcak, he repeatedly reiterated that Serbia does not stand for a frozen conflict and doesn't want to " leave it to our children."