"Catastrophic news for our people, new plan of Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija"

"That would be catastrophic, terrible news for our people," said Vucic.
He added that he was very worried about their words, and that the Albanians from Kosovo showed that international agreements did not apply to them.
Vui said that "those who plan to do that were grossly deceived".

More than 5.000 people welcomed Vučić and Orbán on Horgos VIDEO / PHOTO

Namely, the works in question are the reconstruction and modernization of the railway Subotica-Horgos-state border with Hungary-Szeged.
Before the arrival of President Vui and Hungarian Prime Minister Orbn, more than 5.000 citizens gathered in Horgos.

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Vučić: They said I dared not arrest Dijana Hrkalović; "Octopus beheaded"

At the beginning of the interview, Vui commented on the arrest of Dijana Hrkalovi.
"This is evidence in the possession of the competent state authorities, related to the murder of Mr. Milosevic. After that, I assume that the DNA was changed, and that some people were released instead of being convicted. I assume that is one of the reasons," he said.

Fear and uncertainty among Serbs; United States: "We are worried"

At least 10 Serbs were injured during the police operation, two of whom were detained for hospital treatment. Sreko Sofronijevi was shot in the back and operated on. His condition is stable and he is in intensive care. Kosovo police point out that the action is directed against the alleged smuggling of goods.

Vučić at the Arms Fair: Powerful "Lazanski" presented; Vučić: Miroslav would be proud

The ceremony is attended by the representatives of the companies that take part in the exhibit, members of the officer corps, but also foreign delegations.
As previously announced, during the visit to the fair, President Vui will also meet with the Chief of the General Staff of the National People's Army of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, General Saïd Chengriha.

Vučić is co-chairing, guests are arriving, the program starts at 09.30 VIDEO

The ceremonial opening of the Commemorative Session at the Belgrade Fair, at which the President of Serbia will address as the co-host of the Commemorative Gathering, is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., the Office for Media relations of the President of the Republic of Serbia announced.
After that, the plenary session will begin at 10 a.m., at which the heads of delegations will address.

Serbia’s Vucic Takes an Illiberal Turn

Vucic took to the stage, adjusted his suit, and read the room. In the front row were some familiar faces: Former US Vice President Mike Pence, the prime ministers of Slovenia and Czechia, Janez Jansa and Andrej Babis, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik and the man they had all come to see, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.