Aftermath of war

Schinas: Sustainable migration policy main priority for new Commission

The main priority of new European Commission will be the urgent agreement on a sustainable, coherent and integrated European refugee and migration policy, the European Commissioner-designate in charge of Protecting our European way of life, Margaritas Schinas, said in a pre-recorded message for the 2019 Thessaloniki Summit on Thursday.

Turkish Authorities Found a Truck with 82 Migrants Traveling to Europe (VIDEO)

Authorities in Turkey have stopped a truck carrying 82 migrants traveling to Europe, according to the Euronews.

Police have released a video showing people getting off the trailer near the town of Ayvacik. 
According to the IHA news agency, the detainees were Afghans trying to reach Europe, hoping to travel to Europe by sea.

Greece facing ‘asymmetrical threat’ over migration

Greece is facing an "asymmetrical threat" from Turkey vis-a-vis the refugee and migration crisis, and the European union is "incapable and unwilling" to deal with the issue, except "superficially, putting money into it," the honorary chief of the Greek armed forces, Konstantinos Ginis, told Skai on Tuesday.

Multifaceted challenge

The procedures for granting asylum to refugees need to be radically reformed so that the examination of applications can be accelerated and those who are genuinely entitled to protection can be identified.