Air sports

Official dons wingsuit every day to get home

An official working at a cable car facility in Fethiye's Mount Babadağ flies his way to his house in his wingsuit every day after work.

Cengiz Koçak began parachuting in 1991 by jumping off from airplanes when he was a cadet and became a free-type paratrooper while serving as a non-commissioned officer in the Kayseri 1st Commando Brigade.

Paraglider flies with bike over Pamukkale

A professional tandem paraglider recently flew over the white thermal pools of the southwestern Pamukkale region with a motorcycle he tied to his parachute.

Hasan Kaval, who took off by riding the motorcycle attached to the parachute, recorded his flight with an action camera over the travertines for 20 minutes and landed in the Kocaçukur region.

Rescue Teams Help Two Injured Paragliders near Dupnitsa

Mountain Rescue Service teams have helped two injured paragliders, the Mountain Rescue Service told Focus News Agency. The two men were injured in paragliding accidents near Dupnitsa. The rescuers have conducted two operations. One of the men is a Japanese. Both were taken to hospital in good condition.