Alpha Bank set to price Tier 2 bond at yield of 4.25 pct

Greece's Alpha Bank was set to price a 500 million euro Tier 2 bond issue at a yield of 4.25 percent, according to a lead manager.

The Greek lender received around 5.5 billion euros of investor demand for the subordinated bond issue, the lead manager said.

Pricing is expected later on Thursday via lead managers Citi, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan and NatWest Markets. 

Treasury borrows $770 mln through auction

The Turkish Treasury borrowed 4.61 billion Turkish liras ($770 million) from domestic markets on Feb. 3, according to an official statement.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry announced that five-year CPI-indexed government bonds (new issue, semiannually) were sold in an auction.

The government bonds will be settled on Feb. 5 and mature on Jan. 29, 2025.

Multiple benefits of Greece's 15-yr bond issue

Analysts see multiple benefits for the Greek economy, banks and enterprises from the 15-year bond issue, on Tuesday besides the low interest rate and the strong demand recorded, as there was no pressing need for the country to obtain fresh funding; rather, it needed to send a meaningful signal to the investment community.

Treasury borrows over $670 mln through auction

Turkey's Treasury borrowed over 4 billion Turkish liras (around $670 million) from domestic markets, the Treasury and Finance Ministry said on Jan. 29.

The auction was held for two-year Turkish lira overnight reference rate (TLREF)-indexed bonds -- new issuance -- to be settled on Jan. 29 and mature on Jan. 1, 2022, it said in a statement.