Greece plans early repayment of loans

Greece is "getting rid" of expensive debt, laying the groundwork for the early repayment of part of the bilateral loans from the first Memorandum of 2010 (2.7 billion euros per year) and the further repayment of IMF loans (1.9 billion euros). The signal was officially sent by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras and according to information, these moves will start in the near future.

Turkish Treasury borrows nearly $1 bln through auctions

The Turkish Treasury borrowed around 8.36 billion Turkish liras ($1 billion) from domestic markets, according to an official statement on June 22. 

The Treasury and Finance Ministry announced that 3.35 billion Turkish liras ($400 million) in four-year fixed coupon rate government bonds were sold on Monday.

Investors being presented Slovenia’s debut sustainability bond

Ljubljana – Slovenia is presenting the framework for its first sustainability bond to investors in a global call on Monday, to be followed by one-on-one calls with interested investors on Tuesday, the Finance Ministry has announced. The issue will depend on the market situation.