Bulgarian Socialist Party

Deputy PM considers Russia a Friendly Country, “as do most Bulgarians”

Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Kornelia Ninova told bTV that Russia is a friendly country towards Bulgaria. According to her, this is the opinion of the majority of Bulgarians, and therefore a large percentage did not want to send military aid to Ukraine, which has been the subject of military action by Russia since February 24.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will Leave the Coalition if it is Decided to Export Weapons to Ukraine

"If the Council of Ministers decides to export weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will leave the coalition, we will wait to see what will be voted on," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Industry Kornelia Ninova told media in the village of Parvenets.

Bulgaria: The Alley next to the Russian Embassy will not be Renamed “Heroes of Ukraine”, for now

Sofia Regional Governor Ivan Kyuchukov has declared illegal the decisions to rename an alley and a square to "Heroes of Ukraine Alley" and "Boris Nemtsov Square" near the Russian Embassy, ​​as well as raising the Ukrainian flag over the Sofia Municipality building.

Survey on the Political Climate in Bulgaria: GERB ahead of We Continue the Change

Exactly one year after the last regular elections for the National Assembly, former prime minister Boyko Borissov's party GERB is ahead of current prime minister Kiril Petkov's "We Continue the Change" as the first political force in Bulgaria. This is shown by the data from a national survey, co-financed and conducted jointly by bTV and Market Links.

Bulgarian President Unexpectedly Commemorates Victims of Communism

President Rumen Radev commemorates the victims of the Communist regime in Bulgaria on February 1, 2022. Photo: Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria.

This was the first time that Radev, who ran successfully twice as an independent candidate supported by Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, has participated in the event.