Istanbul Opera Festival kicks off

The 13th International Istanbul Opera Festival will start with the "7 Tenor" concert at Haliç Congress Center Open Air Stage on July 16. The event will feature four major opera works and a concert to be staged by the Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya State Opera and Ballet Directorates until July 30. All works within the scope of the festival will be staged at 9 p.m.

Ottoman and Byzantine-era remains unearthed

During the archaeological excavations in and around the Million Stone, located right next to the Basilica Cistern and is considered the zero point of the world, opposite the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul's Fatih district, the remains of buildings that are believed to be a neighborhood in the Ottoman Empire and walls from the Byzantine era have been unearthed.

Redbull Istanbul Unlocked in July

The two-day Red Bull Istanbul Unlocked will gather the popular venues of Istanbul under one roof. Focusing on entertainment, music and taste, the festival-like event will host more than 10 venues and more than 60 artists in Mecidiyeköy Old Liquor Factory on July 1 and 2 between 7 pm and 3 am.

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Security tightened to protect historic Hagia Sophia

The 1,400-year-old Imperial Gate inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque has been put under protection after it was vandalized by unidentified assailants.

The unpleasant incident had come to light after a photo showing the fragmented door was uploaded by the Association of Art Historians (SATAD) on its social media platforms. "The door must be put under protection," SATAD said in the post.