On right side of history

The proposal by France and Germany for the creation of a 500-billion-euro Recovery Fund to deal with the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic appears to have been a vindication for those who believed that the European Union is capable, even belatedly, of finding a way to emerge stronger from any ordeal it may be faced with.

The Sun Has Not Been This Quiet Since the Ice Age

At the center of our solar system, the sun is a constant force keeping planets in orbit, providing Earth with just the right amount of light and warmth for life and even governing our daily schedules. While we're used to the sun rising and setting each day, the sun itself is incredibly dynamic.

Currently, it's going through a less activephase, called a solar minimum.

WWII Commemoration Dispute Shows Balkan Weaknesses and Strengths

Some also noted that this controversial issue might have been deliberately politicised and used to fuel party campaigns ahead of elections that will be taking place across the region in the coming months. Croatia and Serbia are to hold general elections at the end of June while Bosnia is scheduled to have local elections in October.

African Dust Continues to Spread in the Coming Days in Europe

The continuing warming and transport of air masses from the Mediterranean to the interior of Europe has increased the concentration of fine dust from the deserts of North Africa. In Bulgaria the visibility is reduced in the western half, but this process is expected to continue to the east, according to forecasts from the University of Athens.

Explosion in a Chemical Plant Near Venice - Possible Spread of Chemicals

A powerful explosion erupted today at a chemical plant near Venice. It is a miracle that only two people were injured.

Authorities advised locals via SMS to stay at home and close the windows then seal them with damp cloths. A cloud of the ensuing fire also covered the lagoon of Venice. 

A column of thick black smoke could be seen miles from the scene.

UNHCR, Solidarity Now create podcasts on coronavirus for non-Greek speakers

The UΝ refugee agency, the nongovernmental organization Solidarity Now and, Greece's first platform for creating and distributing podcasts, are providing foreigners in Greece who do not speak the language important information regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Flying Broom Film Fest closes online amid outbreak

The 23rd Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival came to a close on May 14 with a videoconference ceremony as the world continued to grapple with the novel coronavirus.

A total of 1,301 women directors from various countries applied for the festival this year.

Seventy-six films from 31 countries were screened online for film lovers.