Diesel fuel

Bulgarian Customs Officers Seized 800 Liters of Diesel

Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate General seized 7,690 liters of energy products with diesel fuel at three separate inspections in Burgas and Yambol.

During a warehouse inspection in Burgas, customs officers came across two plastic faucets and 114 plastic tubes containing a total of 2090 liters of yellowish liquid with diesel fuel characteristics.

Greek economic crisis worsens air pollution, writes Guardian

British newspaper Guardian published an article entitled “Air quality worsens in Greece as recession bites”, focusing on the impact the economic crisis the country has been facing on the environment. The piece points out that thousands of Greeks are forced to use any material, even trash to keep warm as they are unable to afford conventional energy sources to keep warm.

Customs Agency Discovers Illegal Gas Station in Downtown Sofia

Bulgaria's Customs Agency discovered an illegal gas station in downtown Sofia on Friday, the Agency said in a statement.

The two underground tanks contained 4 tonnes of diesel fuel without any documents. An illegal gas pump was connected to the tanks.

The fuel was confiscated and samples have been sent for laboratory analysis.

Watchdog threatens fuel firms with ceiling

Turkey’s energy watchdog has reportedly threatened fuel companies with a price ceiling if they do not cut diesel prices by 4 kuruş by June 26.

The Energy Market Regulation Board (EPDK) Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz asked fuel distributors to slash market prices of gasoline and diesel fuel during a meeting with company representatives June 24.