Electronic voting

Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee Moves to Make Voting Compulsory

The Bulgarian legal affairs parliamentary committee adopted at third extraordinary sitting on Tuesday amendments to the Electoral Code which foresee the introduction of compulsory voting.

According to the proposed amendments, voting will become a duty of citizens, with those voting eligible to rewards, while those not casting their ballot will be subject to penalties.

Bulgarian MPs Propose Imposition of Sanctions for Not Voting in Elections

A bill prepared by Bulgarian MPs proposes the imposition of BGN 50 fine for people not voting in elections and depriving them of social benefits for a period of three months.

The bill has been devised and adopted at first reading at the proposal of one of the parties supporting the ruling coalition - the Patriotic Front (PF).

MPs of Bulgaria's Junior Govt Partner Propose Introduction of Online Voting

Lawmakers of the Reformist Bloc (RB) coalition have proposed the introduction of online voting in Bulgaria from 2018 - the year of the next general election.

The RB brings together several parties from the ruling coalition, but also includes the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) of Radan Kanev, who withdrew their support from the government, switching to opposition.

Bulgaria Parliament Backs Introduction of Online Voting

Lawmakers have overwhelmingly given the green light to the introduction of online voting in all elections and referendums.

As many as 137 MPs have voted in favour, 55 giving the thumbs down and citing concerns about voting secrecy.

Under a draft proposal yet to be completed by Parliament, every Bulgarian citizen should be able to vote using the Internet "or another network".

Bulgarian Parliament to Decide on Introduction of Electronic Voting

The Bulgarian parliament is expected to deliver its opinion on the introduction of remote electronic voting on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee approved the introduction of electronic voting.

The issue was the subject of a referendum which was held simultaneously with the local elections on October 25 last year.

Bulgaria MP Committee to Debate on E-Voting

A committee with Bulgaria's Parliament is set to debate on Tuesday a draft bill that supports the introduction of online voting.

The head of Parliament's legal committee, Danail Kirilov (from the main ruling GERB party) is quoted by Dnevnik.bg as saying he will propose that amendments to electoral law should be adopted by the end of April to allow citizens to vote online.

ND election: countdown is on with Meimarakis tipped to be in the lead (pics)

More than 400,000 voters showed up at the conservative main opposition leadership elections, double the number that had been expected. For this reason, the voting session has been extended to ensure that everybody until the last member has a chance to cast their vote.

Wanted: 200,000 New Democracy voters to choose a liberal party leader!

There is a waning interest in the voting process for the head of the main opposition New Democracy party set to take place on November 22.

885 voting centers have been set up in Greece and abroad with 1,284 polling booths in Greece and 44 abroad, however it is expected that few people will show up to vote for a party leader from the four candidates: