Government of Bulgaria

Political Consultations Convened by President Radev Completed

Political Consultations with parties represented in the new National Assembly with the President Rumen Radev continued throughout the day.

Before opening the first meeting Radev addressed the parties, saying:

"I call on you and all parliamentary groups to bear responsibility - without shaking it off, but without going beyond your commission."

In Another Twist Boyko Borisov Orders Restoration of Disbanded Coronavirus Task Force

Resigned PM Boyko Borisov has appeared for the first time in months in front of the media. He avoided the journalists for a long time and even after the work of the 45th National Assembly began.

His press conference was presented to the media quickly - with a message at 8.33 to be held at 9.30 in the Sunday morning.

Bulgarian Health Minister Insists Disbanding COVID-19 Task Force “Makes Sense”

Bulgarian Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov announced that decision to disband the Task Force is "logical".

The Task Force begun managing the situation with COVID-19 in Bulgaria at the end of February last year. Angelov expressed his opinion at a press briefing after the Council of Ministers issued a statement about the end of the Task Force.

LIVE: President Radev’s First Address to New Lawmakers

President Rumen Radev made his first address to the newly elected Members of Parliament from the grandstand of the 45th National Assembly:

"For many of you here, this is the first elected office. You will always find someone who will rebuke you for your lack of experience. I have heard it at the beginning, I hear it now," the head of state said.