Greek government-debt crisis

Eurogroup: Support measures, assessment report and debt on the table

The 10th post-memorandum evaluation report of the Greek economy is expected to be presented during today's Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, which will be attended by Finance Minister Christos Staikouras.

Therefore, Greece is expected to take another step towards a positive direction, as another evaluation is successfully completed.

The two critical junctures the Greek economy will face by month’s end

The Greek economy will bid farewell to May with two "tests" and the first is on May 21, when Moody's announces its verdict for the evaluation of Greece, followed by a litmus test on May 26, when the Commission is expected to publish its conclusions on economy and budget, after the completion of the 10th evaluation.

Strong message for reforms

Never before in the last decade have so many Greek and foreign economic actors, analysts, and politicians been so positive about the prospects of the Greek economy. With the exit signs from the pandemic clearly on the horizon, all these experts, from the Delphi Economic Forum, urged the government in a single "voice": Reforms and only reforms!

Goldman Sachs expects 7% growth of the Greek economy by 2026

Goldman Sachs estimates that the Greek economy is expected to gain momentum, with a boost from the resources of the Recovery Fund, after the submission of the "Greece 2.0" plan.

As Goldman Sachs points out in a new report entitled "Small economies, old challenges and new opportunities" that the Recovery Fund will lead to an increase in Greek GDP by at least about 7% by 2026.

Staikouras outlines five-pronged plan to revamp production model, restart the economy

By George Gilson

With the government struggling to manage the disastrous economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras presented "five axes" of the government's reform programme during an online Economist Conference entitled «200 Years of Economic Survival», a reference to this year's bicentennial of the start of Greece's War of Independence.