Greek government-debt crisis

Polakis chastises Tsipras

SYRIZA MP Pavlos Polakis criticized his former leader Alexis Tsipras over some of the remarks he made at a Kathimerini-sponsored conference Saturday.

In his remarks at the conference, Tsipras said that his government's management of the Novartis case (regarding allegations of bribery involving politicians and doctors) and the issuing of television licenses "was unfortunate."

Tsipras says he never contemplated leaving EU or euro

Former prime minister Alexis Tsipras has said he never contemplated taking Greece out of the European Union or dropping its common currency when he called the 2015 referendum.

"Not even for a moment did it cross my mind to negotiate the country's presence in the EU and use of the euro," he told the final day of the "50 Years of the Metapolitefsi" conference.

Opinion Poll: 20-point lead for New Democracy, losses for Syriza after the conference

80% of those who say they will vote for SYRIZA in the European elections, say also that the cancellation of the presidential election strengthened Stefanos Kasselakis - Tsipras divides SYRIZA - 0.7 points gain in 10 days for the Velopoulos party, KKE KKE narrowly ahead

Former PM reflects on crisis leadership and democratic challenges post-Metapolitefsi

"I tried to provide solutions in the way I could," said Panagiotis Pikrammenos, reflecting on his time as caretaker prime minister during the Greek debt crisis.

Pikrammenos made the comment during a conversation with Tom Ellis, editor in chief at Kathimerini English Edition, at the "50 Years of the Metapolitefsi" conference in Athens on Thursday.