Fire hazard warning issued

This summer's first fire risk warning has been issued for Tuesday. The Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection (civilprotection.gov.gr) revealed the risk factor is significant (category 4).

In particular, the warning concerns the regions of Viotia, Fthiotida and Fokida in central Greece, and Attica and Korinthia in the south.

Youth Smoking Epidemic: Survey Exposes Disturbing Trends in Bulgaria

Preliminary data from an online survey conducted by the Medical University - Plovdiv and the Health Care Foundation reveal concerning trends in smoking habits among children in Bulgaria. According to the findings, two percent of children aged 6 to 9 smoke traditional cigarettes, while three percent use electronic cigarettes.

Athenian tavernas: Serving up tradition

When you hear the word "taverna," what images spring to mind? Perhaps it's a tight space, a basement, tables covered with parchment paper or checkered tablecloths. Wine barrels are at the rear, the walls are covered in vintage photos and notices regarding  the policies of the establishment, often informing customers that food and drink are not served on credit.

Time to regroup

The handling of the Tempe rail crash since disaster struck in February last year along with the illegal emails sent to Greeks abroad by MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou point to problems in the operation of the government and of the Prime Minister's Office in Athens. 

Man saves cigarette money to build caravan

After quitting smoking two years ago and saving the money he would have otherwise spent on cigarettes, a man living in the western province of İzmir has turned his 2004 model vehicle into a caravan.

Mehmet Ardil, a 38-year-old auto electrician, decided to quit smoking two packs of cigarettes a day when he became a father of twin boys.