Special team assigned over cemevi head attack

Istanbul Police Department has assigned a special team to inspect the attack carried out by two assailants on Selami Sarıtaş, the head of a cemevi in Istanbul's Kartal district, on Aug. 5.

One of the two motorcyclists, who allegedly made a scouting trip on the street before, approached Sarıtaş, who was returning home in his car, under the pretext of asking for an address.

Mufti calls for equality of Muslim community in Slovenia

Ljubljana – Mufti Nevzet Porić said that authorities should eliminate discrimination between religious communities so that “the Islamic community will be treated as an equal community in the Republic of Slovenia” as he addressed Muslim believers during an Eid al-Adha service at Ljubljana’s mosque on Saturday morning.

Muslims ’stone the devil’ as almost million-strong hajj winds down

Muslim pilgrims cast pebbles in the "stoning of the devil" ritual marking the start of the Eid al-Adha holiday on July 9, as this year's expanded hajj pilgrimage was winding down.

From first light, small groups of worshippers made their way across the valley of Mina, near Mecca in western Saudi Arabia, to throw stones at three concrete walls representing Satan.